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> 1st Grand Prize

International gala of Visual Arts

Sound and Light

30th annual competition

Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec

- 2017

> 2nd prize of the Jury

   Waterloo 2017

> Silver Medal

   45th CAPSQ international Exhibition

   Villers-Cotterêts (France) - 2017

> Gold medal in figurative Arts

 Césure Gallery - 2016

> Jury Prize

Magog painting symposium - 2016

> Jury Prize

Gatineau painting symposium - 2015

> Great distinction

   CAPSQ 41st international exhibition

   Bruges, Belgium - 2015

> 3rd Grand Prize

   Characters and portraits International Gala 

   of Visual Arts Sound and Light

   31st annual competition - 2015

> Gold medal

   Characters and portraits category

   CAPSQ International Gala 

   of Visual Arts Sound and Light

   30th annual competition

   (CAPSQ) - 2014

> 1st Prize

   Landscape painting category

   Académie des Beaux-Arts de Montréal

   - 2014

15 rue du Verger, Pointe à la Croix, G0C 1L0
+1 438 242-2031 /

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Architecture graduate from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris (Paris National School for Architecture), he only really immerses in pictorial art in 2004 after discovering the Imaginative Art technique, a new art created by Pierre Lassalle at the beginning of the 90’s and recently renamed Sophianic Art, which combines meditation with the study of spiritual knowledge to create an inspired work of art, carrying healing spiritual forces.

But to express all the beauty he senses in his meditations and perfect his technique at best, he decides in 2009 to enter the Academie des Beaux-Arts de Montreal to always come closer to a professionalism imbued with rigor, aesthetics and harmony.

Besides being a professional painter, he also works as an architect and Feng Shui consultant.

Thierry Seurre, Artiste Peintre au Québec



Essentially a watercolorist, he meditates on strong subjects for inspiration, which he particularly finds in the poems by Céline Lassalle, inspired by themes like Love, Beauty, Freedom, Heroism, Virtues, the Divine or else the sacred Feminine.

Thierry Seurre’s art is first inspired, by his meditations, but also his readings (Pierre Lassalle, Rudolf Steiner, Mikhael Aivanhov) and these artists that he admires so much: Rembrandt, Raphael, Waterhouse, Gustave Moreau. His goal is to make his ideal of beauty descend into his works and to show that we are not justmade of flesh and blood, but also, and before everything, a spirit able to seek for the meaning of life, to connect with the spiritual world and give its beautiful fruits back on Earth.


In parallel to this form of art that requires a lot of time and maturation, he is interested in the nature that surrounds him by painting various subjects that call out to him whether they are buildings, landscapes, scenes of daily life, ship graveyards, characters, etc. Nature is part of our daily life that is composed of all sorts of objects. By taking an interest in it, his purpose is to become a witness of his time and, he hopes, a poet who wants to show the artistic aspect of this nature.


And watercolor precisely enables him to convey this poetry. It is a medium that captivates him because of the « chaos » that it occasions and that makes it so artistically beautiful.

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