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HeroiK’Art was born from the meeting of a painter and a poetess who now work in concert, each inspired by the work of the other, according to a common favorite theme: Heroism, hence the name HeroiK’Art.

Their duo aims at creating works mixing shapes and words, colors and reflections, to subtly awaken the strengths of the Spirit living within all of us.

The « solitary spar'oems »

Such is the original name given by Céline Lassalle to these poems, which were born from “solitary spars”.

Generally, spars imply two individuals, but in this case, it is a “solitary” practice, in the sense that the poet or the poetess is “alone”, and he/she plays with inner silence, and the faith in the presence of Muse Poetry in his/her inner sanctuary.


This requires a good depth in the practice of Western meditation, the ability for the spiritual seeker to bring in his/her meditation individualized elements of a knowledge, then consciously let go of what he/she knows, to embark with persistent faith on the silence of Poetry, who is going to “echo” him/her, which the poet/poetess chooses not to expect!


After that, once the verses unveil themselves to his/her inner ear, the poet/poetess stands up, like during a physical spar, then with a great consciousness of the sacred, he/she focuses to pronounce out loud the verses that “descend” within them. They memorize them. They then reach a sort of aim and repeat out loud, still within their meditation, the whole “poetic spar”, and they sit back down; after a few moments of contemplation, they write down the Poem that was inspired to them in a dynamic way.


It is truly magic… and heroic!

Celine Lassalle :  Encouraging Beauty and Love

From the sporting world, Céline Lassalle was a top-level acrobatic gymnastics athlete during her whole youth. She turned her quest for excellence and transcendence inwardly, to commit to the spiritual and heroic path in her early twenties. Which will result in a generous and brotherly creativity in the service of the Divine.


She especially devotes herself to the flowering of the spiritual Heart, to reveal its strengths of transformation, beauty, virtuous love and deep unity.


Moreover, as a lover and “torchbearer” of Poetry, she wishes to awaken the hearts to the wise and sacred dimension of Creation and Life. Her aspiration is to work at the construction of a new world, where Love is victory.


Awakening hearts, unveiling the true feminine, encouraging to more beauty and love are Céline Lassalle’s primary motivations. Thanks to art and poetry, her wish is to increase the consciousness of the sacred dimension of the human being and life.

Let’s cultivate a poetic view of life !


par Céline Lassalle :

Thierry Seurre : Testifying to true beauty

For a dozen years, this painter settled in Quebec has practiced “Imaginative Art”, designed to embody the wisdom (from Greek “sophia”) of the spiritual world through all arts and creative craftsmanship.


This new movement in the service of Art – recently renamed “Sophianic Art” – was created by Pierre Lassalle, an author, conference speaker of international renown and an artist himself.


The painter, essentially watercolorist, meditates on strong subjects to find inspiration, and more particularly in the poems by Céline Lassalle, inspired by themes like Love, Beauty, Freedom, Heroism, the Virtues, the Divine, or else the sacred Feminine.


Thierry Seurre’s art is firstly inspired, by his meditations, but also by his readings and the artists he admires so much: Rembrandt, Raphael, Waterhouse. His aim is to show that we are not just made of flesh and blood, but are also, and first and foremost, a spirit able to seek for the meaning of its life, to connect to the spiritual world and give back its beautiful fruits on Earth.

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Painting and Poetry / April 2018

Illustrated brochure

of 15 watercolors and 15 poems


Symposium of Bromont / August 2017


Opening in Paris / January 2017

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