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The Renaissance of Art (or Sophianic Art), formerly called Imaginative Art by Pierre Lassalle is a new art that combines meditation to the study of spiritual knowledge to create an inspired artistic work, carrying spiritual healing forces. Its mission is also to bring moral impetuses into the world as well as beauty and hope, reminding the human being that the spiritual world exists. I practice Imaginative Art for I have found out, advancing spiritually, that expressing the beauty of the spiritual world was an ideal that was dear to my heart.


I essentially work from books by Pierre Lassalle, Rudolf Steiner or Mikhael Aivanhov. When I find a subject that I like and that I wish to explore (the role of a god or a goddess within humanity, the entities of the spiritual world, the story of the Grail, the esoteric composition of the human being, etc.), I start reading it very slowly so that each word suffuses me. I then question myself on what I’ve just read internalizing myself, that is to say making this knowledge relive in my heart, through meditation, trying to fathom them within me. Then after some time, a “spiritual image” or “Imagination” springs to my mind, which is the reflect of my deep questioning and of all my comprehensions of the moment. As I meditate, my drawing takes shape and I still question the place of each element in the drawing: “What does it represent? Is it necessary? If so, why? Is it at the right place? Etc...”


All this questioning finally enables me to remain conscious all along this process and to continuously check whether what I paint is in agreement with what I feel inwardly and wish to express.

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